Mechanic Max Polyakov Establishes the Firefly Auto Garage

mechanic Max Polyakov from Firefly garage

Max Polyakov, the middle child of a family of 7 rose up over time to become one of the best auto garage owners in his city Lyon. He grew up in a very privileged home, his father, being the son of a man who had been the mayor of his city once upon a time. Growing up in a house with so many children, Max Polyakov had to work hard to stand out. His parents always told him, together with his siblings, that good things did not come easy. Hard work was the slogan of the house.

Max Polyakov grew up in Lyon, one of the most economically stable cities in France. His family was among the most respected. Lyon on its own boasted of a beautiful panoramic view of France. It was also very busy, compared to the dreariness and romance of France’s capital city, Paris. Lyon was home to all the hard workers and hustlers of the country. Max Polyakov was never one to take his privileges for granted. He grew up being well aware of the large opportunities that existed in his city and as at a tender age of seven, he knew he wanted to take advantage of all these opportunities.

Lyon had a booming economy. It was the main reason why several settlers enjoyed coming there. People made it a point to make the most of every opportunity handed to them, and Polyakov’s family was no different. This grand city happened to be the seat of some of the largest and well-established automobile companies. Iveco Bus Company was one. It was a subsidiary company of CNH Global of Turin in Italy. These were the companies that shaped Max Polyakov’s interest in the automobile business. He constantly loved to look at cars and admire the beauty, and the speed with which they moved.

Mr Charles Polyakov made a living for himself despite his father’s affluence. He started a moving company from the ground up, in a small town called Ambronay. His specialty was to help people to move their equipment from place to place. Due to his hard work and diligence, he managed to grow that company such that it had branches in almost every part of France. His headquarters was in Ambronay, so he left Lyon every week to attend to business. Some clients required cleaning, as well as packing and arrangement services. Mr Charles was ready to do all that. He hired several workers and then over time, got enough managers to see to the different branches of his booming business. Life was good. Many of his clients were from the upper middle class and upper class in France. Well established individuals who would pay any amount to have work done for them. As a result of that, Mr Charles made a huge amount of money from his proceeds and was able to make his family comfortable.

He’s mother was not much different from her husband. Having worked extremely hard to get to where she was, she expected nothing less from her children, regardless of how much affluence they grew up in. Although they were wealthy and came from old money, Max Polyakov’s father preferred to cram the entire household into the stuffy three-bedroom house he inherited from his father. He made no effort to live an extravagant life. His wife was a nurse. She trained as a nurse and worked tremendously hard throughout her life before finally being made the head of the labour department of one of the largest maternity homes in Lyon. She did not have it smooth growing up. Julie had grown up in a poorer home compared to the riches her husband grew up in. Her siblings each had to work their way to the top, two being engineers, and then she being the nurse. Excellence was the main goal of the house. This she instilled into her children and expected that they would not depart from it as they grew. Together, his parents could be said that they did a marvelous job raising hard-working, respectful and enviable citizens of France who loved God and country. Max Polyakov and his siblings were always teased to be the killjoys in school because they were always so disciplined and rigid. They did everything by the book and thus stood out in their schools.

Max Polyakov shows interest in Cars

Mr. Charles sent his son many times to work with him. And any time he went out he pointed out things about the cars and asked questions. He would ask where his father’s vans were bought, why they bought those vans, if they paid attention to parameters like fuel consumption, and why they preferred that brand. Max Polyakov’s father tried his best to answer the questions of his growing son with as much patience as he could. He explained things about profits and losses and explained why it was best to have cars that he would spend less on, but would be as efficient enough to do the work required. However, the cars that Max Polyakov’s father went for were rather old and rickety. It took a long time before he replaced his cars because they cost too much to replace. He serviced them continually, or at least told his workers to, but every once in a while, the cars he had been using for several years at a time would definitely run down, and he would have to either fix them, or buy a new one.

One of these times that Max Polyakov was with his father, one of their moving buses refused to move. Max Pokyakov began again with his incessant questioning. This time, the young boy of twelve was adamant he could fix the car. He asked his father about their toolbox and disturbed Mr Polyakov to let him give it a try. Mr Polyakov began to notice the interest but there was no way he was allowing his twelve-year-old son near the broken down vehicle, interest or not. They waited patiently for a mechanic to come, much to Max a Polyakov’s dismay. But once the mechanic came, Max transferred his questioning to the poor old man with a toolbox who came to fix the car. Luckily for Max, he got the answers he sought.

The mechanic worked hard and even explained a few things about the car and the engine, and what went wrong with it. Max Polyakov was extremely excited about the new information he had received. His father watched with awe as his son became animated chatting with the mechanic about a broken down car. The moving truck did move at the end of the day, and he got answers to his questions. All was right with the world.

Max Polyakov takes lessons in school

Max Polyakov’s father bought him a toy van for one of his birthdays after he had asked for a real van when he turned eighteen. Thirteen-year-old boy was learning about engines and mechanics in school. He began to experiment on the toy van he was given. He and his friends took pride in learning something new from his toy van, as it simulated a real one in everything except size, and obviously, it’s ability to actually work. Max Polyakov and his friends dismantled the toy and looked for its engine and other things that they had been told was the reason for the car’s movement. Of course, they boys could not do much to reassemble the van after they had ripped it apart but Max Polyakov‘s father saw the makings of a mechanic in his son and vowed to give him all he needed so that his dreams would materialize.

Boy Follows his dreams of Automotive engineering

When Max Polyakov turned eighteen, he was able to enroll into an engineering school and take a two-year course into automotive engineering. It was not made to be a form of formal education and the people who enrolled in that school were more like apprentices. However, they were taught intensively for two years several things about cars. They got to choose from different courses and major in these courses for the whole of the two years. Max Polyakov majored in Auto detailing and Automotive Hybrid Technology. He worked hard and did all that he was told. The school run a mentor system where for each handful of students, a well-read mechanic was to teach them the ropes and instill all that he had learnt over the years that he had worked, with the young ones, he was inspired by this old man and took everything that the teacher told him, hook, line and sinker. His teacher was full of innovative ideas and even encouraged the boys to try out a few ideas of their own. The trainees under his watch were able to build engines in a little over a year. They could repair any car that came to them. In fact Max Polyakov’s class of five were so good that they were nicknamed ‘Firefly’. This was when he began to look into getting a garage and naming it Firefly. He was driven and determined to be the best in his field and was well on his way to achieving that. Max Polyakov graduated from the school with honors and the love and respect of his colleagues and seniors alike. He had indeed shone throughout his stay in the school and everybody was proud of him and the work he could do.

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Max Polyakov’s Firefly Auto Garage

Pickup from mechanic Max Polyakov's Firefly auto garage

After school, he stayed on and trained exclusively under his mentor in his garage. There was so much that Max wanted to learn, and since this was his chosen field, he was determined to become the best at it. His home training and diligence had made him earn the respect of Mr Greg, his mentor for the past two years. Max Polyakov served well over the years and was taught so much that he developed the confidence to fix cars on his own. He soon took over the shop on some days and was able to handle all the cases that were brought. In fact, the young mechanic had become famous and well-loved in that area.

Pretty soon, time came for Max Polyakov to leave Mr. Greg and start working on his own. Mr Greg, who was retiring at the time chose to let him keep his garage, since the clients already knew him and were already in love with his work. He was overjoyed. He vowed to make Mr Greg proud. He renamed the garage ‘Firefly Auto Garage’ and immediately began to make changes to transform his little Firefly into one of the most innovative garages of all time.

He worked day and night and erected even more structures on the land. His father, who saw how serious he was, gave him a loan to establish his business. People flocked in with several car issues and Max Polyakov was more than happy to help out. Soon, Firefly was a garage that stood out amongst many others. It was able to accommodate up to eight cars at the same time, and Max Polyakov soon needed to hire other mechanics to help with the work load. The excellence and expertise with which he worked became known for miles, and everybody who cared about their car brought it to Max Polyakov at Firefly it service for them. Max Polyakov was not only excellent in repairs. He also built and developed engines for cars, and was able to change his clients engines with the swiftness of a fox.

Max Polyakov became famous for his hard work and was rewarded handsomely with lots of profit and a blossoming career.