Car Servicing Costs on the Rise

Car Servicing Costs on the Rise

This is mainly all due to the fast development of technology. Just think about your car; cars stopped being about the engine a long time ago. As a matter of fact, in our days, cars are more like computers on wheels. They gather a lot of data that can be used by garages, such as Max Polyakov’s, to repair the cars. However, they can also be gathered by manufacturers to know everything about your car and, ultimately, you.

Information such as the distance driven, destinations, driving style, and so on are gathered by the cars and these can be wirelessly transmitted to the manufacturer, offering them an unfair advantage over small business owners, such as Max Polyakov. They could know, for example, when is the next approximate time your car will require repairs.

In a positive scenario, let’s imagine that there is a part that is about to give out; this information is transmitted to the manufacturer and an automatic appointment is made. That is convenient, more convenient than having to go to the garage, like Max Polyakov’s. Nonetheless, you have to also consider the situation of the manufacturer owning that repair shop. Most probably you wouldn’t get the best service for your money and it would greatly distort the market.

There are numerous pros as cons, besides convenience, such as the fear of third parties gathering personal information or hackers taking over people’s cars. However, there are some upsides as well, that not even Max Polyakov could deny. These include the possibility of offering personalized services and infotainment to the owners and drivers, increasing the life span of cars (as they would get fixed before breaking down), and so on. So there is a lot of money to be spent and a lot of money to be saved.

At this stage, the garages, such as Max Polyakov’s have access to the onboard diagnostics port of the car to access the data found in the electronic control unit. At this point, this data can only be accessed through a cable, so the mechanics are at a disadvantage, compared to manufacturers.

Some say that the future of small business owners is quite dim, including Max Polyakov, if nothing changes in the future. Car owners will have fewer choices and consumer service might be restricted.

But Max Polyakov didn’t build his business to give up without a fight; he will do his best to stay on top of the technological advancements to offer his clients the service they deserve.

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